Sunday, February 28, 2010

Completely Vanilla post but has to be said...


YAHOOOO!!! *Happy Dance* Heart in the mouth both times but they pulled it off! Well done teams!

And for all you Americans out there, women and men: Damn your teams are good! Particularly the goalies! I'm really glad we won but it was so close it could have gone either way for a while. Congrats!

Off to watch the Closing Ceremonies!

*One more happy dance*

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And so it begins...

First vanilla news:

I passed my evaluation!!! It's been a long road and I have had the wonderful experience of many people to help me through this turbulent time but I have made it and have seen the light at the end of the tunnel (no worries! It is a good light). I had to say it as I have struggled with this for some time and now it is finally over!!!

Now on to the main event:
A lot has happened in the last two weeks. Last week I simply didn't have the energy to write a post and I felt surprisingly bad for not doing it. My New Year’s Resolution had been to write at least once a week so I would have a break from the world and have some alone time.

OZ suggested last post that I print this blog off and give it to my husband to read (I really need to find a nickname for him!). I am not that brave but what I *accidently* did was go on to (by the way, excellent site if you are trying to overcome feeling like this is not how something you should like. Just type spanking into the search engine) and *accidently* left it on while I when out shopping. I say *accidently* because didn't actually intend to leave it on. I forgot about it until halfway through my trip but instead of the pure panic I would have anticipated, it didn't bother me in the slightest. I calmly finished my errand and came back home. I have no children so the only one who would be going on the computer was the one I was trying to tell.

 I came home and not surprisingly hubby was on the computer. He looked up, smiled at me, then went back to playing his game. There was no indication that he had even seen the website and I thought that maybe I had imagined leaving it on.

Disappointed I unpacked my items and the day carried on as usual. Now, I am not normally a bratty person and hubby, who has known my interests for some time, sometimes threatens with retribution but usually is only one smack or none at all when on the rare occasions I am being mischievous. That day I had no desire whatsoever to be mischievous because I was utterly crush that he had not seen the website.

As it was over two weeks ago and I have the memory of a goldfish I don't remember exactly how it got started. I probably said something sarcastic and he probably responded in his usual non-committed way, but I do remember feeling completely surprised when I was propelled forward with his arm wrapped around my back and under my stomach and my bottom was spanked six or seven times (Ouch! Six or seven times shouldn't have had me squirming like that!).

And so it began...

I still have no idea whether or not he saw the website and read any of it. At this point, I really don't care. All I know is I have had one amazing weekend with lots of new experiences, veiled public threats, and hubby wondering out loud "maybe you should buy a paddle..." He has discovered that he can elicit certain reactions depending on the speed, force and accuracy (key word there) and I have discovered that spray bottles are not just for cooking and watering plants.

Can I say the word spanking to him? No. And I still find it difficult to talk about it.  I don't expect that to change any time soon. But he, who is ever patient with me, asks his questions and  I do my best to answer them. It has only been two weeks or so and we have spent most of that time apart. We have come so far and I wonder where this will take our relationship.

It is late, and I should probably be getting ready for bed. If anybody it has a good suggestion for a place I can buy a paddle from (the selection at the usual stores around here is pretty slim) please let me know. I look forward to updating you soon!

Stay safe!


Almost forgot! Happy Valentines day!