Friday, August 31, 2012

A blog reborn!

I am not a born blogger so I make no promises about where this blog is going and I am sure it will be jumpy, just like my brain. I'm not sure I can say this is my dramatic return to the spanking world but it is a return none the less. To be honest it's a return to a lot of things in my life.

So what has changed for me? I have to say that on the surface not a lot. I am still at the same job, I am still attached to my ever patient partner, and I am still trying to find ways to help the enviornment. It's more of an attitude change within myself. I am no longer caring as much about fitting in. I am different, I am no longer going to deny that to myself. I am not sick because I want to be spanked (yes this is one of those phases I am not proud of). I am simply me.

I saw on facebook a while ago this pic and I wanted to share it because it made me feel good.
Photo: There will karma day for them all.

Why did it make me feel good? Cause even if I don't believe in that particular religion, I know that I don't have to be the one who has my own back. I have a loving family, a good support system, but every so often something happens and they can't help. When that happens, I know Karma's got my back. 

I also know that Karma's gonna kick my butt if I do something stupid or am in a foul mood. Such as the mood I was in a few nights ago. Hubby (I really do need another name for him!) ended up coming home early, I got my bum smacked a couple times, and my mood was lifted. The night was saved!

I renamed this blog a little while ago to The Flip Side of the Moon. I'm not sure why but it seemed appropriate. The dark side of the moon was already taken and the flip side of me is my pen name. And lets face it, the moon is awesome (enjoy the full moon tonight)!

Anyone else find comfort in karma? (Be careful! It's listening....)

Stay safe everyone,


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  1. Karma, yes comforting.
    Full moons, yes comforting.
    Patient partners, oh thank goodness I found one of those :o)
    This blogosphere can be a funny place. Personally, I started having more fun with it when I stopped worrying about writing for an audience and just went with what I wanted to put out there and to my surprise, the audience showed up :o)


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