Thursday, September 13, 2012

The creative process (or lack there of) Part 1

Humans are obsessed with process. We have step by step instructions to do everything from cooking food, make crafts or play games. In school we were taught about the "writing process." We had to have an outline, a rough draft, a good copy...

Let's just say I never did very well on those projects.

I write like I live: Haphazardly and very much in the moment. I day dream. A lot. More than I should really. This is why I prefer not to drive.

I always have several stories going through my head. The story I work on that day depends on the mood I'm in, which is usually attached to a main character. Something as simple as the scent of broken pine needles is enough to send my mind way away from whatever I am suppose to be done (such as housework) and into a forest scene where the heroine is strolling nonchalant, about to do something to earn herself a spanking in the quiet solitude of the sandy terrain of the dense pine forest. Pine cone projectiles, anyone?

Of course there has been no forest in the story so far and I have to now find a way to connect it with the other tid-bits and lines that have popped onto the page. That just adds to the fun of writing!

How to you write? Is it all one fluid story or is it haphazard sentences you weave into a workable plot line. Do you find yourself writing your main characters based on real people or are they completely from your mind? Are blogs more your thing?

What's your favourite writing snack?

Stay safe!

(The ever curious)

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