Sunday, September 16, 2012

The creative process (or lack there of) Part 2

So how does one write a spanking scene? It's an important consideration after all when one does not get spanked on a regular basis!

I have read a lot of spanking stories in the 8 or so years I have been around "the scene." I have found the reactions to various stories really interested. Almost as interesting as the stories themselves (but not quite of course!).

The range of stories out there can be quite staggering and a bit overwhelming. There are very rough stories where dominance and pain seem to be the major draw. There are light stories where there is only hints of a spanking or just a threat.

Just like there are different types of food preferences in the world, it stands to reason that there are different tastes of spanking/bdsm/ttwd/whatever label you want to put on it. Is one better than the other? That's like saying that a grain of sand in the Bay of Fundy is better than one in British Columbia. There is no scale, you can't measure it. It shouldn't be measured. It should be analyzed, thought about, talked about, but never can you say one is better overall than another.

Even labels can be confusing. I really dislike the term "spanking purest" which seems to be a new one out there but that seems to be the label I fit under best. Purist has such a negative undertone in my mouth. I don't have any desire to be tied up, belted, switched etc. Do I think it's weird that someone would? Absolutely not! I know some people find pleasure in being tied up and if I'm honest it does kind of fascinates me. I just couldn't fathom that right now in my life (might have something to do with my so called "control issues") but  to each their own.

And back to the original post: the creative process. I think when one is writing spanking fiction/non-fiction, the reason behind the story has to be true to the author. I don't write my stories for an audience. I write for myself. If no one enjoys the stories, I'll be disappointed but that wouldn't stop me from writing it. I hope that other writers would feel the same way because writing is most definitely an art, just like painting or sewing. It's something for the soul, a means of communication.

That being said I know that there are a range of readers too. Some readers always skip right to the spanking bits (I'll admit I have been guilty of this when the story is not something I can get into) while others read the story completely every time. I would imagine most are somewhere in between.

Which leads me to the point I was planning on making in the first place! The reason for writing spanking stories vary as much as the people themselves. For some, the whole story is the spanking, with little happening before or after. Others write long novels with complicated plots, meaningful messages, and  thought provoking ideas with the spanking only adding to the story. Every story in the gambit has it's place and purpose. I read the quick stories when I am in the mood for an upshot, I read the novels when I have time to get into the characters and the plots. Without the range, we would not be able to reach as many people as we do.

I personally write my stories while adding little bits of spanking in them without diving deeper into those scenes until the very end of the process. I write the rest of the story first because that determines the spankings later on in context. The personalities of the characters come out much more blatantly in the events and conflicts which happen within the plot line and I found that when I started writing longer stories I had to walk away from some because the spanking has coloured the rest of the plot too much. Now I try to make it so it enhances the story.

This post is getting quite long and hasn't quite turned out like I thought it would! However, I have spent way too much time sitting in front of the computer. Time to go enjoy nature. I think I will have to save the rest for a part three.

I hope you have enjoyed my little thought trips.

Stay safe everyone!


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