Sunday, January 20, 2013

How did I get into spanking?

Renee Rose at asked the question and I thought it's such a simple question to answer it can be my post for the week!

Simple if life is ever simple.

I think it has always been part of my being. I remember watching "old" cartoons and religiously waiting for the rerun with that little spanking mention or, if the Gods were on my side, an actual smack or two. I never really desired to be spanked, it was just absolutely fascinating.

The strange thing was, I never connected it to sexual desire. Not until much much later and it took the internet to really start that train of thought. Oddly enough it was during a research project in my post-secondary years which took me to the site Spanking Classics on a completely unrelated topic to spanking. Then, in the course of a few hours, an entirely new world opened up to me. One that told me I was not alone and that what I was feeling was accepted by some.

Many great writers have added their works to that site and I would recommend you take a look and register. It is a quite site right now, as always happens with the ebbs and flow of how the spanking culture has changed. Hopefully that will change in the future. It is also a great site to gather information on and ask questions.

That is how I got my introduction into the spanking world and it has been growing ever since, but that's another post.

So the question is, how did you get started? Was it a film? A website? Just a feeling you had? Would you recommend a site for those just starting their journey?

Keep well and stay safe!



  1. I can't really say how I became a spanking lover. Maybe it was pictures I've seen about people being spanked and the positions they offered their bottoms in. A few times my wife would give my bottom a playful spank. I loved them and finally had the nerve after one spank,to say why don't you really spank me? She asked if I really wanted one and I told her yes. Well that one was nice it was OTK with her hand, but besides my bottom getting red her hand hurt more. But I enjoyed her spanking me and after she complained about her hand hurting I suggested we get something for her to spank me with. First it was a belt, and ping pong paddle. I loved it. then we began to look for other implements. And reading spanking stories it gave me ideas of what can be used. I now get regular spanking with many different implements and in many different positions. I love being spanked and happy that she likes to spank me.

    1. I am so glad you have found someone so accepting Archedone! Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully it will be inspirational for those still looking for spanking in their relationships.



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