Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lack of inspiration...mixed with hope

I cannot claim to have found this picture on my own. Hermione of Hermione's Heart has a wonderfully entertaining blog which often have funny and thought provoking pictures.  I laughed so hard I had to share it.

She also finds and gives samples of some very interesting stories and is quite an author onto herself. She has a number of real life stories which inspire and draw you into her mind.

Speaking of inspiration...I have been relatively uninspired lately. I think part of it is a definite lack of any spanking play. We (or rather I) made that decision early on in my pregnancy and I am glad we have stuck to it. There have been a number of "complications" that have cropped up over the past little while which have led to many doctor trips (baby is fine, thankfully!) and, as I bruise ridiculously easily, not having to worry about any possible conversation about abuse, even with my very open-minded doctor, has been one less stress.

This withdrawal is a strange feeling for me, one I am not very familiar with. I spent the majority of my relationship not getting any type of spanking what so ever. I lived vicariously on many other peoples' experiences and stories on forums. Blogs never really crossed my mind but 10 years ago I don't know how many there were. Even before my current condition, I certainly wouldn't say I got a "good" spanking but our experiences and courage was rapidly growing and I miss that terribly. I think my partner is missing it a bit too, because he occasionally taps my bottom and almost looks longingly at me. *sigh* My vanilla partner was just starting to show his colours.

On a writing note, I keep reading the two novels I'm currently writing over and over, having very little idea on how to move the story forward or connect the bits that I have together. Or I know exactly what I want to happen but there are no words that fit properly on the page. The words I've picked seem childish, or don't fit with the rest of the writing style I've used. I've added words, a paragraph here or there, but since I tend to write short novels rather than novellas, to me they are not done yet although I am sure they could be a story unto themselves.

It's exceedingly frustrating!

On a positive note, since I am forced to "relax" more (and I use this term sarcastically) my academic and personal interest hobbies are being learned at a much quicker rate than normal. Hmm...perhaps my heroines need a similar projects?

My frustrations have been vented and I feel surprisingly good about it. Thanks for listening!

Now it's your turn!

What do you do when you are forced into a spanking fast and are facing withdrawal? Anything you do to battle writers block?

Keep safe!



  1. Hi Felicia,

    Being a mom is an important job and ultimately worth all of the hassle. I have been exactly where you are. My husband decreed there would be no spanking during my pregnancy. Since our routines were well established by then, it was very hard for me. The good news is that it does end eventually and most things return to normal after the baby arrives. My baby is now in her late 20s and a mother herself.

    As for writer's block, here's my favorite trick. I go by myself to a nice family run Italian restaurant (I have no idea why Italian, but it works for me). I take with me a pad of paper and a pen. I order salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert. Before, during, and after the meal, I jot down ideas, big and small, about current and future projects. Sometimes the result is a story outline. Other times, it's a list of new story ideas. It's sort of like a diner conversation with myself over dinner.

    I know this sounds weird, but it totally works for me.

    My daughter and I are very close and talk almost every day. I hope that you and your child will develop that sort of lifelong bond as well. What an amazing journey lies before you!


    1. Hey Bonnie,

      I can totally see going to a restaurant to get into a different atmosphere. I have a certain weakness for poutine which always gets my creative juices going. Once I'm more up and about I shall definitely have to seek out a local source!

      I totally think this hiatus is worth it, considering how attached you get to the little body growing inside of you. Hearing that first heartbeat just makes it so much more real than a growing belly.

      Take care,


  2. Hi Felicia,

    Thank you for the shout-out.

    I too get writer's block from time to time, and what I do to start the creative juices flowing is to keep a notebook and pen with me at all times and jot down ideas as they come to me, whenever and wherever. Then I type from my notes and snippets of stories emerge. If I am developing a story from an outline that I'm comfortable with, I jump in wherever I feel I can add something, and let the words flow. Later I will work at tying the sections together.

    Poutine - yum! I'm lucky to have a source of fresh curd nearby at a small cheese factory, although it rarely lasts long enough to be used in poutine.


    1. Hey Hermione,

      Ooh that squeaky salty soft crunch of cheese curds between the teeth...yes I can certainly see why they don't last long!

      Take care,



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