Monday, July 8, 2013

In Remembrance of Bas

This week Blogland said goodbye to a friend and fellow blogger. 

I never knew Bas personally, but as I begin reintroducing myself into this community his posts were always very raw and truthful and helped me overcome the feeling of shame that I still feel. He had a way of connecting to his readers which allow them to see his emotions, concerns, and opinions and, even if you did not agree with him, they never felt forced upon you.

He said something that resonated with me:

Blogland is different from everything I have ever seen.
People here care for each other and don’t expect anything back.
Here, I felt Agape love, the kind of love I thought, that could not exist.
Here, I told people who I have never met, that I love them. And meant every word of it.

This is a community more so than I think I realized in the past. We are a community based on a common interest, but there is so much more to this connection as is evident from the blog posts and comments surrounding this man. His wall is covered with comments and condolences from people, many of whom I'm sure he had never met in his real-life but mean every heartfelt word. 

Even as his time on this earth came to a close Bas was thinking of others, telling us to blog on and that lurkers are always welcomed, no matter how different they appear.

May you rest in peace Bas, and may we will take your message to heart. You said it best:

Please keep blogging, remember your joy when you first found Blogland.Keep the torch burning and give it new bloggers.
Please remember those in our Blogland family who suffer from illness. They need you.
Please remember my little Lisa.I love you.


  1. Very well said, Felicia. Hope you are doing well.

    1. I am thanks :) Hope you are as well.


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