Sunday, July 14, 2013

New project - Help Wanted!

Recently Blogland lost an inspirational blogger and although I did not know him personally, I was often one of his "Lurkers". Bas often talked about the courage it takes for lurkers to "come out" and I couldn't agree more. So I have created a new project and I invite everyone who comes across this site to participate!

It's going to be.....Story-A-Month project!

Starting this August I am going to put a sentence under the title Sentence of the Month! You are invited to post the next sentence underneath the last person who posted.


Post: It was a dark and stormy night in Dreamsville.
Bob: Most of the residence were shut in for the evening with the exception of Danny.
Betty: She had mischief on her mind as she sneaked across town, armed with water balloons.
And so on. After the end of the month I will post the whole story (edited without names of course so it flows like a story) in a new post available on a newly formed Page across the top of the screen. I will keep the original still for everyone to see who participated in it as well as putting the names on the finished story.

There will have to be several rules (doesn't there always??) and I reserve the right to change them if need be. I'll start with the negatives first to get them out of the way:
1. No spanking scenes containing children ( I know it's obvious but still has to be said)
2. No criticisms of previous sentences
3. Only add one sentence at a time
4. Wait for someone else to post before adding another line (you can post as many times as you want as long as you follow this rule)

And some positive rules:
1. If you are presented with two possible sentences because two people posted at the same time, choose one and keep going!
2. Have fun with this!
3. Use your imagination!
4. Anonymous users are welcome too!
5. Add as many spanking scenes as possible!

If you have any suggestions for starting sentences please drop me a line! I will be keeping a list of potential starters and I'd love to add yours!

Keep safe everyone!



  1. That's a fun idea, Felicia. I believe I have seen it done a few times in the past, but not within the past couple of years. I'll watch for the start in August.


    1. Excellent! Glad to have you aboard!



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