Thursday, August 15, 2013

Half way reminder and a thank you!

It is now half way through out first Story a Month and we have already gotten some great responses! I am really looking forward to the finished story. Even if it doesn't finish or it doesn't get many more sentences, the fact that people are interested in participating gives me a thrill (I am a huge literary advocate) and I hope it only continues to grow. Writing should be something that is enjoyable, so why not do it with friends?

Hermione from Hermione's Heart gave me a shout out (Thank you!) and the comments started! I also noticed that some other bloggers seemed to be interested in the idea. If any of you out in blogland are interested in participating in the Story a Month on you blog, please email me and I will set up a link at the top of the Story of the Month page at the top of this blog.

To participate in this month's story click here.

On a personal note, after a slightly hectic start to life Peanut is doing great! Peanut is growing like a weed, starting to chat up a storm, and keeping me constantly on my toes. As soon as nap times become more regular I hope to be back here a little more and finally finish the novels that are floating around my head.

Keep safe everyone!



  1. Felicia, I hope it catches on as a regular feature.


  2. Yes its awesome..I'm goin to post soon and advertise it or whatever for you

    1. O FYI. u might want to take word verification off..I know some have asked other bloggers to take it off because its hard for some to post...just a thought


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