Sunday, September 1, 2013

September's Sentence Starter

Welcome to September's Story of the Month!

Lasts month's story was quite the success (I think I'll let people continue writing it for awhile since it seems to be still a work in progress) and I invite you to find your inner writer as we step into the fall season (which happens to be one of my favourite). Anyone have any snow yet?

Please review the rules to learn how to play here! If you have a suggestion for a sentence starter please feel free to contact me! I also invite other bloggers to join on their blog! I'd love to have a list started so either send me an email or leave your blog below with your sentence.

Happy writing!

This month's Sentence Starter is:
'September is the perfect month to go apple picking,' she thought as she swung her basket to-and-fro.


  1. She looked through the heavy branches of her favorite apple tree to see the bright blue, cloudless sky above her and released a contended sigh.

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  2. The trouble was, her favourite apple tree did not belong to her, but to her neighbour.

  3. "But fortunately", she thought, "I know that there is a secret way that leads into the garden."

  4. So she took off her long skirt, kicked off her shoes, and crawled under the wooden fence and through the prickly hedge, dragging her basket behind her.

  5. But alas, the poor girl had left her skirt and shoes behind in her haste to clamber through the brambles.

  6. Unfortunately, the hedge was so prickly that as she crawled through it, it ripped her knickers completely to shreds!

  7. Unbeknown to her, the neighbours' son was watching all this from his bedroom window.


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