Tuesday, October 1, 2013

August 2013 - The Lazy Black Cat

Welcome to the finished Story of the Month for August 2013! I have posted the sentences as they were written, only putting them into paragraphs so it was easier to read.

Participants (in order of appearance):
Daisy Christian

August 2013 - The Lazy Black Cat

The lazy black cat lay stretched languidly out in front of the cozy fireplace. She opened one yellow eye and glared at the couple on the couch. And found the naughty lady bending over his knee's. The feline creature was annoyed; their constant bickering had ruined yet another peaceful nap.

"Why oh Why", she thought,"did they have to turn me into a cat of all things?"
"I know it's an easy life but I would rather be that woman right now"

She thought of a few things she could that would make him take her over his knee. But no matter what she came up with,she knew that all he would see is a pussy, not a woman with a voluptuous, round bottom that so needed a spanking. And so, after stretching out and then casually meandering into the kitchen, the cat tried its' hardest to ignore the loud slaps of hand meeting bare bottom.

At which point, when all hope seemed lost, there was a puff of smoke and the Fairy Cat Mother appeared in front of the startled but excited cat! The Fairy Cat Mother told the cat that she was there to grant her three wishes, but there was a stipulation.

"Three Wishes!" Exclaimed the cat, without once thinking of the stipulation that came with them.

"Ok the stipulation is."

"I don't care what the stipulation is I just want my 3 wishes!!" Exclaimed the cat.

"Well, my first wish", said the cat, "is to be human again."

The Fairy Cat Mother was not amused as she said, "Not so fast you impudent cat; we need to discuss the stipulation first, or there will be no wishes."
So the cat stuck out its bottom lip and pouted as only a cat can, and with an expression of complete disdain said "The stipulation is?"

"You must be spanked by midnight or else you will remain a cat forever!" The Fairy Cat Mother meowed dramatically!

And with a great flash, the cat was not only human but completely naked and bent over, ready and very willing to receive her punishment.
  1.  Thank you to all those who participated and I hope to see you all this at September's Story of the Month

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