Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October's Sentence Starter

Welcome to October's Story of the Month!

This month has been a little crazy for us, fraught with computer problems, blogger issues and general mayhem and chaos. Most of it I would never trade...Hope you've had a great month!

Please review the rules to learn how to play here! If you have a suggestion for a sentence starter please feel free to contact me! I also invite other bloggers to join on their blog (I already have one!). I'd love to have a list started so either send me an email or leave your blog below with your sentence.

Happy writing!

This month's Sentence Starter is:
The broom glided silently through the spruce forest, needles brushing sharply against her cheeks as she flew by.

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  1. She wasn't certain what she was looking for, but she would recognize it when she saw it.


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