Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Absolute Luddite...

Let me first say that I have always seen myself as being in the "know" when it came to technology. As in I knew about it, could probably use it, or could figure it out with relative ease.

Well, not anymore!

I have literally spent three days (in between personal life, work/school, and sleeping) trying to figure out the stupid little tab things on my Facebook page. I have officially decided that it is way beyond my capabilities and that I don't need to use it anyway (so there!).

At least on Twitter I have remembered to start using hashtags once in a while... *sigh*

Instead I will embrace the technology I want for the future and focus on writing about it in my new story rather than using it.

Now it is time for a nice, slowly brewed cup of tea, a slice of toast with strawberry jam, and a few moments to myself in the sunshine while I imagine what like will be like on distance planets with a starship captain with a pink fuzzy hat....

Stay safe everyone!

Luddite Felicia signing off!

Update: I finally remembered to update my published works!